Stop The Turnpikes

About Us

Pike Off OTA is a grassroots organization that formed not only to prevent the development of two proposed turnpikes, the East-West Corridor and the South Extension, but to also re-establish control over our infrastructure, reinstitute fiscal responsibility, and reduce the overreach of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

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The History

On February 22, 2022 the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority unveiled it's new plans for the addition of two turnpikes: the East-West Corridor and the South Extension Turnpike. Governor Stitt announced the plans to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Board of Directors claiming the turnpikes would just be going through farmlands and pasturelands that wouldn't be disrupted. When the information was picked up by the media and put on social media, hundreds of home owners first learned that their houses were in or near the path of the proposed turnpike. There were no public discussions or previous press releases about the impact of these projects.

Oklahoma Transportation Authority Turnpike East-West Corridor and South Extension

Affected municipal governments, legislators, county commissioners, Federal agencies, and the public were unaware that a turnpike route had been determined and was unlikely to deviate significantly from the path that was presented. The scenario was extremely similar to what occurred to the residents that lost their homes when the Kickapoo Turnpike was built. Once again, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority was not transparent on the development of the turnpikes, and no data or explanation was given for the chosen routes despite the significant loss of homes, private property, or consideration for environmental impact.

And just when you thought you were safe...
Proposed turnpikes.jpg

There are several more toll roads already written in to the statutes, as shown in this diagram. There is not a proposed date and the language is not specific for the location. If you are someone you know lives in one of these areas, this same process can happen in any of the outlined areas. The Oklahoma Transportation Authority is becoming increasingly brazen with their ability to condemn homes and land to create turnpikes. The state entitiy is able to pursue the toll roads without the input of you or any of your elected officials with the exception of the governor.

"By us being ahead of the curve, you can actually displace the fewest...people because where they're actually putting the corridor you don't have development yet. You can't wait until it's too late to put the road in, you just disrupt so many neighborhoods and lives, so that's why we've decided to do it now to make sure we're getting it out there when it's really just farmland, pasturelands you're not disrupting."

                                                                              - Governor Stitt

Large structures
Parcels of land

Depreciated properties within a 1/2 mile:
Large structures



This is an estimate based on the map provided by the OTA. The OTA has not released any specific information.

Estimated total losses:

South Extension

East-West Corridor

Dr. Amy Cerato, a geotechnical engineer, speaking to the Oklahoma Transportation Authority Board of Directors on March 29, 2022 about the ecological, economical, geographical, and humanitarian issues of the proposed new turnpikes.