What to Say When You Call or Send an Email

  • Before homes, businesses, and land are destroyed, the drinking water of a quarter million people impacted, our property and sales tax base negatively affected, and wildlife and natural habitats of Cleveland County destructed, we need to make sure OTA has considered and shown this was the ONLY option. SB 1610 requires this.

  • Please make OTA accountable to you – the individual the citizens of Oklahoma have elected to represent us. This bill helps create some accountability to you, our elected officials and thereby, the citizens.

Tips in Making Calls and Sending Emails

  • Be extremely polite.

  • Thank them for their time and for representing you.

  • Be brief. 

  • Be clear on what you want:

    • Include them amendment on SB 1610

  • If time allows, share how you are impacted. 

  • Thank him for supporting the democratic process that gives voice to citizens through their elected officials.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 25 (SCR25)

The Senate Concurrent Resolution requires the State Auditor and Inspector perform an audit of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to answer the following:


  • A determination of the amount of revenue that is required to be generated in order for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to repay the original cost of existing turnpikes and the length of time it will take to generate the funds so that turnpikes can be conveyed to state ownership and converted to toll-free roads; and

  • Assess risk within the agency and develop performance audit objectives during each audit cycle.

What else can I do?

If you'd like to volunteer for Pike Off OTA, use the volunteer button below to sign up. Are you looking for a way to have a big impact by just spending a few minutes a day on the issue? You can participate in our text and email campaign! You can either download and print off a list of people to contact and talking points, or we can text you a few to do several times during the week if you sign up for our easy email campaign. Would you rather do it yourself? We have a suggested contact list and talking points. 


 Phone and Email Lists

This will change over time so you may need to update it periodically!

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Not sure of your representative and senator?
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To find your legislators:

1) Type in your address to get your house and senate representatives

2) Planning a visit? Click the link icon under their name to get their address including room number

Got Rose Rocks?
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Dr. Amy Cerato is interested in knowing more! Please email your name and phone number to ihaveroserocks@gmail.com so she can work on mapping out where this rare geological formation is found.