Dear Cleveland County Commissioners,

Thank you for your support of agenda item F1, a resolution relating to the proposed turnpike extension through Cleveland County.  Both the east-west and southern proposed routes are poorly justified and sited; they both have significant engineering concerns as well as potentially devastating environmental, ecological, economic and residential property impacts. In addition, these two proposed turnpikes could displace more than 600 families and place more than half a million homeowners at risk of having their drinking water source contaminated forever. Cleveland County’s residents will not be served well by either route and we appreciate your unanimous support in this effort to hold the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority accountable and stop the proposed construction.

We hope you will continue to use your positions as Commissioners for Cleveland County to force the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) to stop both the east-west and southern proposed turnpike extensions. We look forward to having you vote in favor of the resolution to oppose the proposed turnpike construction through our county.