Visiting the Capitol

One of the most effective actions you can take is to visit the state capitol and talk to our elected officials. 

Not sure how to find legislators? Want a list of Representatives?

Looking for ideas on talking points?

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  • Be extremely polite.

  • Thank them for their time and for representing you.

  • Be brief. 

  • Be clear on what you want.

  • Share how you are impacted. 

  • Thank them for supporting the democratic process that gives voice to citizens through their elected officials.

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Current Priorities



SB 1610 has passed out of the House Transportation Committee but has not been scheduled to be voted on the floor of the house.

Please stop by and talk to House Representatives and let them know you need their support for SB1610.

The OTA provided the members of the House of Representatives information on why SB1610 did not need to be considered. Here is our rebuttal:

Our rebuttal

OTA's letter to legislators


The Senate Concurrent Resolution requires the State Auditor and Inspector perform an audit of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to answer the following:


  • A determination of the amount of revenue that is required to be generated in order for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to repay the original cost of existing turnpikes and the length of time it will take to generate the funds so that turnpikes can be conveyed to state ownership and converted to toll-free roads; and

  • Assess risk within the agency and develop performance audit objectives during each audit cycle.

Here are the legislators that we need to contact about SCR25:


Senator Greg McCortney  

Senator Greg Treat

Representative McCall

Representative Jon Echols

Representative Kyle Hilbert

Rm 421

Rm 422

Rm 401

Rm 457

Rm 406